About The Angela Keck Law Offices

Respected Kansas criminal defense attorney Angela Keck, founder of the Angela Keck Law Offices LLC in Olathe, has built a recognized reputation for positive results for clients from all walks of life. Angela has been victorious in a number of jury trial cases, including rape charges, aggravated indecent liberties (Jessica's Law), criminal threat, battery, aggravated assault and many more.

Angela concentrates exclusively on criminal defense. Her love of the courtroom has translated to the successful handling of thousands of cases, ranging from property crimes like forgery and fraud to drug crimes and identity theft, burglary and armed robbery, sex crimes such as rape and domestic violence, and murder cases, including capital murder.

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A Strong Defense Lawyer Who Is Willing To Fight

Those boxing gloves that Angela wears in promotional pictures are not props; they are symbols of her determination to fight hard for every client whose case she takes on. Above all, she is dedicated to achieving justice for you.

Your free initial consultation with Angela Keck in Olathe could be the first step toward a new life for you and your family. Call today to make an appointment: 913-712-0963. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.